I am currently the Chief Analytics Officer at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and have the joy and privilege of leading a team of wonderful analysts, data scientists, and engineers, in the fight for civil liberties and civil rights.

We work to bring quantitative evidence to the courtroom, to our legislatures, and to the public through research on issues as diverse as voting rights, immigration, and criminal justice. We also improve the efficacy of the the ACLU’s fundraising, member engagement, and voter outreach through testing and analysis. Sitting at the nexus of civil liberties and the use of data and technology, we help to guide the organization’s data and AI policies, and to set the standard for smart and ethical use of data.

Previously, I worked with McKinsey’s Washington D.C. office, with public sector clients across defense, transportation, revenue, and infrastructure. I also helped build McKinsey’s public sector analytics practice, which brings modern data and analytics capabilities to government functions. In 2016, I served as the Deputy Director of Data Science for the Hillary for America campaign.

I’m a proud MIT Engineer, with a dual degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science and Economics. I subsequently earned an M.A. in Economics from Harvard.

Some of my favourite things include:

  • Hiking (up next - the Dolomites, and hoping to one day belong to this club)
  • Ballet
  • A daily dose of math

I’m also the proud mama of an inquisitive toddler, Maxwell. Meet my better half (media naranja) here.

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